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B4ECarbon is the energy industry’s first comprehensive emissions management solution, leveraging blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT systems. This decentralized AIoT design approach addresses the urgent need for accurate, transparent, and verifiable emissions data.

The integration provides an intelligent and ultra-secure digital framework for data-driven validation processes of environmental claims in alignment with regulatory bodies and capital markets.

The B4E Carbon solution offers industry-wide support, including, Oil and Gas, CCUS, Geothermal, Hydrogen

Digital solutions designed by the energy industry for the energy industry.
Distributed on behalf of Blockchain for Energy by Enovate Ai.

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B4ECarbon, is the new standard for measurement, reporting
and verification of carbon emissions and removals.

Fully Visible and Traceable through public permissioned distributed ledger technology.
Audited, Attested and conforming to industry standards enabling fraud prevention.

Seamlessly connecting AI – IoT – Blockchain for an intelligent and ultra- secure digital framework.

The industry’s first End-to-End Solution – from measuring – to reporting – to verification – to monetization.

Simplified Implementation with a single sign-on, ensuring ease of use for the ultimate user- experience for all.

Data-driven validation processes fully aligned with regulatory bodies and capital market requirements.


Built on the B4E Network & Platform, the solution leverages the existing B4E Ecosystem that has been built for and by the industry. We leverage the power of Hedera Hashgraph’s advanced distributed ledger technology, offering a secure and efficient decentralized infrastructure for data management and transparency, eliminating the potential for greenwashing and fraud in emissions claims.

Championing data integrity and interoperability by adhering to the frameworks and standards set forth by the Interworking Alliance (IWA). The IWA standards and frameworks eliminate the proliferation of emissions data silos that are common in the industry today.

Integrated access to dynamic marketplaces for environmental claims. This functionality enables monetization of environmental assets.


B4ECarbon’s dMRV is enhanced with the integration of IOT and Enovate AI’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence suite enhancing the solution’s functionality, enabling intelligent reporting, data modeling, and forecasting.

This integration empowers users with deep insights and predictive analytics, driving informed decision-making for emissions reduction strategies and efficient operations. Leveraging custom-training models and decentralized technology, our approach ensures data security for operators using the solution.

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