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Introducing B4ELogistics, the revolutionary solution harnessing the power of IoT captured on a decentralized network to deliver unparalleled cost savings and operational efficiencies.

By providing enhanced field management through superior operational visibility, B4ELogistics transforms the way businesses oversee their logistics operations. The automation of routine processes frees up valuable employee capacity, allowing them to focus on other strategic initiatives.

B4ELogistics empowers effective decision-making and ensures transactional certainty, significantly reducing friction in your supply chain. Embrace the future of logistics with B4E, where innovation meets reliability for optimal performance.

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B4ELogistics: Boosting efficiency & revolutionizing operations.

Delivery validation verified by the decentralized consortium blockchain.

Timely delivery visibility to monitor delivered goods and services in near real-time.

Operational program management to monitor and enforce expected deliveries and behaviors at the item, product, or treatment level.

Exception-driven management, allowing automation to validate based on tolerances.

Standardized commodity items to promote industry-standardization for common commodities, treatments, and services.

Seamless integration to easily integrate with other systems through a robust API.

Expandable logic to allow adoption across multiple commodities, business units, and geographic regions.

Utilizes SCADA and IoT data to tap into existing and new SCADA and IoT data for precise operational management.

Cost savings & process efficiencies


Reduces touches by 94%.

72 to 1

Reduces service to payment time from
72 days to 1/2 days.


Continuous improvements for monitoring
real-time lease operating expenses.


The end of manual reconciliation processes
and their inefficiencies.


The B4ELogistics solution provides comprehensive insights into operational spending and trends for Chemical, Water, and other LOC logistics teams. It facilitates hyper-automation and enhanced visibility in logistics operations by revolutionizing logistics approvals with robust low-code business rules.

The solution eliminates inaccuracies in validating and confirming commodity delivery, thereby preventing misinformed decisions and reducing reconciliation gaps, approval backlogs, billing disputes, payment delays, and audit findings.

Additionally, it leverages IoT sensors and SCADA data to validate vendor delivery claims to key operational sites, including tank and facility networks, complex water systems, and unmanned locations, ensuring accurate and efficient logistics management.


B4ELogistics delivers exceptional value by providing near real-time field visibility, enabling the monitoring of LOE costs within 24 hours. It enhances transactional certainty and reduces friction, cutting service-to-payment time from approximately 72 to just 2 days.

The solution automates administrative processes, significantly boosting field efficiency by reducing manual touches by 94%. This leads to increased data availability for reporting and enhanced field safety. IoT sensor readings support exception- based portfolio management, ensuring precise and timely responses.

Key technical components of the solution include Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, user permissions, robust security protocols, a powerful restful API, and an advanced organizational networking structure, all of which contribute to a secure and efficient logistics management system.

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