Janette Evensen

Janette Evensen


Janette specializes in the intersection of technology and business. During 10 years in energy finance for offshore, unconventional and trading firms, she identified opportunities for value creation via process improvement, automation and technology deployments.

With web3’s emergence, she gained a certificate in software development to facilitate blockchain adoptions. Janette is passionate to see a future where the energy industry fully leverages technology to efficiently power the world with full insight into the value chain and its impacts globally. Her contributions to the commodity haulage application are guided by vision to bring hyper-automation to energy logistics by leveraging industry collaborations.

A citizen of the world and aspiring polyglot, Janette has varying levels of proficiency in Spanish, Norwegian and Arabic and has spent significant time in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Following graduation from Texas A&M with her bachelor’s in finance, Janette lived in Washington, DC for 5 years working in Government and NGO roles prior to joining the energy sector.

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