Press Release: The B4ECarbon Emissions Managment Solution

Blockchain for Energy (B4E), is thrilled to announce the launch of the B4ECarbon solution, marking a significant technological leap in emissions management within the energy industry.

Press Release: Launch of the B4E Network/Platform

he future has arrived! B4E Announces its revolutionary new industry platform/network for building testing and accessing Smart Contract Solutions. Companies can now build Web3 solutions on top of B4E’s decentralized and interoperable platform.

Press Release: Launch of the Commodity Transport Solution

Blockchain for Energy launches its first industry-grade Web3 Commodity Transport Solution — available exclusively on the B4E Network & Platform.

New Member Alert: PPDM Association and Blockchain for Energy Collaboration

PPDM and B4E will collaborate to harmonize terminology, data contents and identify opportunities for
best practices. B4E will leverage reference lists developed or supported by PPDM and will investigate
the utility of the data rules library. Collectively, best practices for seismic data management will be
investigated through PPDM’s project “What is Seismic.”

NAPE Magazine: The Network Effect

Can the benefits of Blockchain create a positive impact on emmissions disclosure? In this article we discuss the implications that blockchain technology can have for emmissions disclosure and across the wider ESG landscape.

​The Energy Industry Pivots Toward New Levels of Efficiency With a Proven Smart Contracts Solution

This exciting new development has significantly improved administrative Procure to Pay workflow processes between transacting entities. It has been pioneered by industry consortium Blockchain for Energy and its members Worley and Chevron.

New Member Alert! Devon Energy (DVN)

Blockchain For Energy welcomes its newest member Devon Energy. We are excited to welcome them into the consortium and continue our digital journey!

Interview: Rebecca Hofmann talks to Pippa Stevens of CNBC Crypto World

Our CEO Rebecca Hofmann talks to Pippa Stevens of CNBC Crypto World about the use of blockchain networks to manage energy supply chains.

Blockchain, the Real Benefit Behind the Technology

HOUSTON–(CIO APPLICATIONS)–Rebecca Hofmann– Blockchain technology has been around for over ten years, looking beyond Bitcoin, companies are wondering could this technology be the answer to creating a more seamless and integrated way of doing business.

Testing a System Where Machines Decide How Much to Pay a Trucker and Send a Check” by the Journal of Petroleum Technology

(Journal of Petroleum Engineers) — About 16 people can end up touching the paperwork required to move a truckload of water from a well in the Bakken to a salt-water disposal site.

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